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Patrick Mweli

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Mr Patrick Mweli


Educational Psychology

031 260 3549

Campus Edgewood Campus

Office Address
CS137, 2nd Floor Main Tutorial Building,

Degrees Held

  • Master of Education (Educational Psychology)

Research Interests

  • Education
  • Languages
  • Indigenous Knowledge

Teaching Interests

  • Educational Psychology
  • Inclusive Education
  • Education Studies

Publications / Selected Publications


  • Mweli, P. (2009).Exploring the implementation of inclusive
    education in the Pinetown district schools: a case study of leaners’
    experiences and teachers’ perceptions about the classroom environment at
    a selected school. GRIN Verlag publishing: Munich



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Journal Articles


By: Mweli, Patrick. Online Submission. 2012 24 pp. (ED544051)
Full Text from ERIC

Since the 1994 election, South Africa has moved from a politics of separatism to social justice and inclusivity. The White Paper 6 (Department of Education, 2001) on inclusive education policy em…

Subjects: Inclusion; Social Justice; Stakeholders; Teaching Methods; Racial Segregation; Cognitive Style; Foreign Countries; Educational Change; Politics of Education; Program Implementation; Qualitative Research; Teacher Education; Student Needs

Community Involvement

  • Lay minister in the church

Teaching Expertise

Teaching Experience

Educator – 1998 -2010 🙁 Primary Phase)

I taught numeracy in the foundation Phase. Managing the class and controlling students work. In the Intermediate Phase I taught Natural Sciences and mathematics.

As an educator I have managed the classroom; Control of learner register; Monitoring of learners progress in school work; Planning and designing learning programs; Identifying and placing of learners in different learning programs

Head of School – JANUARY 2009- 2010

  • As an HOD in Natural sciences and Maths department I was involved in managing level one educators’ work, coordinating projects and educational activities for this department. In this sense I was involved in mentoring educators, monitoring and evaluating educational programs as well as delegated duties to eight members of staff in my department.
  • I also coordinated the recording of the assessment tasks and all activities that need to be reported back to the parents about students’ educational progress; Convening meeting with educators in my department and School management meetings as well as parents meeting.
  • Coordinated the development and formulation of the following school policies: School admission policy; Disciplinary policy; School constitution – vision and mission statement of the school
  • Drawn up monitoring and intervention strategies for learners with barriers to learning.
  • Conduct planning sessions for learning programs and teaching strategies to ensure that teaching and learning is effectively implemented in the school.
  • I have assisted in the organization and facilitation of the implementation of inclusive education in my department and the entire school.

Lecturer : University of KwaZulu-Natal (2011-2012)

  • I taught undergraduate students the following module in the School of Education: History of Education- EDES 210 (2nd years); Philosophy of Education -EDE$310 (3rd years); Educational Psychology- EDES 220 (2nd years); Approaches to teaching -PS210 (2nd years); Professional Studies 120 (15t years); EDES410 (4th years) Sociology of Education & Inclusion & Diversity.
  • The duties that I performed with regard to the above modules are: lecture preparation and presentation; administering assessment in terms of marking and keeping records for students duly performance (DP); tests invigilation; recording of marks; mentoring students to cope with their academic work in the form of individual consultations; taking part in staff planning meeting for each module.
  • I taught postgraduate (PGCE) Life Skills Foundation Phase module and EDES 601 (Numeracy in the Foundation phase. The duties I performed in this module are: lecture preparation and presentation, conducting academic assessment for students in my group and recording of the marks.

Teaching Practice Tutor – University of KwaZulu-Natal

Duties that I performed as a teaching practice tutor are: visiting student teachers in the schools; mentoring of the students to develop necessary skills needed for effective teaching and learning in the classroom; observing students’ lesson presentation in the classroom; Liaise with the teaching practice office in terms of students treatment at the schools and their behavior in relation to staff members, parents and learners.

Leadership and Administration

Module coordination – Professional Studies 210 (Approaches to Education); EDES 310 (Philosophy of Education) and EDES220 (Educational Psychology)

Duties I performed as module coordinator are: Compiling the course content in the form of module reading manual and preparing it for printing; manage and coordinates the smooth running of the module; chaired weekly planning meeting with thirteen lecturers teaching the module; attended to students’ needs with regard to the skills development and the objectives of the module; keeping students records in term of marks; monitoring the work of the lecturers involve in the module; organized stationary need for the smooth running of the module; prepared DP (Duly performance ) of the students; set tests and booked venues where they will be written; prepared assignments for the students and monitored the marking of these activities; kept progress records of the student and liaise between lecturers students involved in the module and higher management.

Tutor at SANTS: Private Higher Intitution (2013)

During this period I taught students who are studying for a Bed (foundation and Intermediate) Phase, the following module: ALI515 [academic literacy] (first year) and ALI525 (second year); LFO116 [language teaching in the foundation phase] 1st year and LFO216 (2nd year); and ECP416 [Effective Classroom Practice] 2nd year and WIL116 & WIL216 [Work Integrated Learning]. This module is about practice teaching where students do simulation lesson in class with their peers and are mentored by the tutor and then they go to schools to teach a number of weeks. During this module I visited them in the school to mentor and assess their progress.