School of Education


  • Details

  • Position Lecturer;
  • Discipline Adult Education, Development, Leadership & Management;
  • CampusPietermaritzburg Campus
  • Office AddressPietermaritzburg Campus


  • English teacher 1980 – 1996; Lecturer in Education 1996 – 2014; academic co-ordinator of PGCE programme and School Experience


  • Project leader of a number of rural school community projects


  • Merit award for teaching

Research Interests

  • Rural Education and Development issues

Teaching Interests

  • Rural Education and Development issues


  • Rural education and curriculum

Community Involvement

  • Rural schools development projects including the Wild Coast Rural Schools Partnership project; Sizisizwe /UKZN partnership project


  • Pennefather , J (2008). Rural Schools and Universities: The use of partnerships  as a teaching strategy in enhancing a positive response to rurality. Perspectives in Education, 26 (2), 81-94.
  • Muthukrishna, N., Ramsuran, A., Pennefather, J., Naidoo,J & Jugmohan, P. (2007). Sense-making frameworks: Dominant, discursive constructions of learners and communities by teachers in the context of intersecting barriers to basic education. Perspectives in Education, 25 (1), 31-44.
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  • Pennefather, J. (2010). Rural Schools and Universities: Challenging a Negative Concept of Otherness towards Rural Communities  L.Naidoo (ed.),  Education Without Borders: Diversity in a Cosmopolitan SocietyNew York: Nova Science Publishers.

PhD Research

  • Title: Across the river and up the hill: A case study of Student Teacher Learning in the Wild Coast Rural Schools Partnership Project.