Bongani Nhlanhla Cyril Kenneth Mkhize

Bongani Nhlanhla Cyril Kenneth Mkhize
Phone 031-260-1398
Campus Edgewood Campus
Office Address Room G315 Main Tutorial Building

Degree Held

  • M.Ed, B.Ed (Hons), B Paed, FDE


  • Employed as a permanent lecturer in the School of Education, UKZN since September 2014.  Responsibilities have included: Lecturing and coordinating ELMP Honours modules; Masters research dissertations and Honours IRP supervision.
  • Previously employed as Deputy Principal; HOD; and Educator in KZN Secondary Schools.


  • Recently completed PhD
  • Completed master’s degree in 2012.

Research Interests

  • Educational leadership, management and policy

Teaching Interests

  • Educational leadership, management and policy


Journal Articles

  • Mkhize, B.N. & Bhengu, T.T. (2015). Creating and sustaining conditions for improved    teaching and learning: An ethnographic case study of one secondary school.        International Journal of Education Sciences. Vol. 10(3): 370-380. [ISSN: 0975- 1122].
  • Bhengu, T.T. & Mkhize, B.N. (2013). Principals’ Instructional leadership practices in      improving learner achievement: Case studies of five secondary schools in the Umbumbulu area. Education As Change, Vol. 17(S1): 33-47. [ISSN: 1682-3206]



  • Mtshali Samukelisiwe Maureen: Transforming schools into professional learning communities (PLCS): perspectives from 5 primary school principals who completed ACE in Uthungulu District
  • Zondo Dumisani: Complexities of leading and managing curriculum in rural secondary schools
  • Yasmeen Malik: Exploring secondary school teachers’ perspectives of women leadership

Community Involvement

  • 15th EMASA 2014 in Johannesburg:  Instructional leadership practices of secondary school principals in multiple deprived contexts in KwaZulu-Natal: a multiple case study.
  • 16th  EMASA 2015 in Durban: Instructional Leadership in Schools faced with multiple deprivations: Creating and Sustaining Conditions for Improved Teaching and Learning
  • 17th  EMASA 2016 in Cape Town: Instructional leadership that works in multiple-deprived school contexts: Lessons from successful school principals
  • SAERA 2015 in Bloemfontein: Creating conditions for improved teaching and learning